Huntington Beach


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X&X met Brian King in San Francisco (Brian had ridden through Europe when he was in his twenties and was excited to see fellow adventurers) and told them to look him up when they got to Huntington beach...on Sunday, November 18, the King family asked our family to diner at their home along with another family to meet two French cyclists riding from Alaska to dinner my husband (Steve) and the other family's husband (Tim) asked X&X if they wanted to go surfing in the morning...they said Yes...they spent the night at the King house and at 7am the next morning they showed up at our doorstep ready to surf...Steve made breakfast and Tim came over, they loaded up the car with surfboards and wax and off they went to the beach...they apparently surfed most of that day (Steve and Tim eventually went back to work)...that evening all our friends husbands went to a fundraiser for our schools and brought X&X with them...they ate and met new people and afterwards they went to a club where one of the Xavier's went on stage and played the drums with the band that was on at that time...they spent the night at Tim's house with his family...the next day they were scheduled to leave for San Diego, but one of the Xavier's was having trouble with a rim and broken spokes, so Tim and Brian bought him a new rim to get him to Mexico where he was going to retrieve a new one being sent from France...Xavier didn't want to accept the rim because of the cost, but Brian and Tim made a deal with them (X&X) that their debt would be paid if they came to our kids classrooms and talk about their trip/adventure...they did, the kids were thrilled, the debt was paid and off to San Diego they went...

Kimberly Schultz, 11-29-2001